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Taste the Difference: Raised humanely on pasture ZERO hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s Regenerative land management

Trusted by many families in the state of MN

We absolutely loved the chicken we purchased from 3Sixteen Ranch! Some of the best we’ve tasted! The packaging options are great! Makes menu planning a cinch! Most importantly they were raised the way chickens are supposed to be raised!
Melissa C.
Here is some meat that I received from 3sixteen Ranch. They wings are an AWESOME size. I love how they are raised, as i'm a firm believer in you are what you eat.. in the sense if they are raised inhumane or treated poorly, even the stress hormones caused can get passed onto who eats it. The meat was well packaged, well labeled, and from their fbook page, it looks like they are moved around and eating a quality natural diet. I'd recommend 3sixteen ranch to anyone wanting meat in generally, but especially a higher quality source at a very fair price.
Nate S.
Best chicken I think I've ever had! Clean, fresh and so tender! Great peace of mind knowing that the birds were well cared for and not continously standing around in their own filth. Friendly delivery is an option too. You get what you pay for and every dime spent at 3Sixteen Ranch is worth it.
Jeff R.

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